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Do You or Your Spouse/Partner Have A Question About Kuvera?
Making the decision to get started with Kuvera might be a big thing for you. And, it's possible that there might be other people involved (like a spouse or business partner). If that's the case, I completely understand.

For that we've created this Frequently Asked Questions resource to answer your questions and to help you make a relaxed, intelligent decision.

The good news is that Kuvera's crypto mining and educational products WORK. As a fully-owned subsidiary of Investview, the founders have over 40 years of expertise in the financial markets.

As for the optional referral program, you have the opportunity to work directly with marketing pros who have assisted thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide to earn substantial part-time and full-time incomes.

And it's not just about the money. Many people have forgotten the reason they wanted to succeed in business in the first place... they wanted TIME FREEDOM. For that reason we created automated systems to aid you in getting more done in less time, so you can more readily achieve the wealth-life-balance that the entire Kuvera company is based on.

In other words, this is more than just a way to make money online. It's an experience that can pay dividends for life, and I'm confident that the more you know about Kuvera, the more you'll recognize how unique and profound this opportunity is.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Your guide to financial freedom, stability and value
Kuvera was created to help you learn the skills to secure your financial future and enable you to live life to the fullest. 

Each of Kuvera's programs is designed to get your money to work for you. The "find, grow and keep" strategies will put you on the path to financial independence and sustainable success.
Where is Kuvera located? Kuvera's home office is at 12 South 400 West, Salt Lake City UT, 84101 in the United States.

Who owns Kuvera? Kuvera is a fully-owned subsidiary of Investview - a publicly-traded company registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Here is their global website.

Do they provide customer support? Yes, their support staff is awesome and can be contacted by phone, email, postal mail or through their support ticket system.

Who are the founders? Kuvera was founded by Ryan Smith, Chad Miller, Annette Raynor and Mario Romano. They have over 40 years of expertise in the world of finance, and their profiles can be viewed HERE

Is everything online, or does Kuvera ever do live events? While normal business operations are online, Kuvera periodically hosts live events for its members. Details about their global Elevate convention can be viewed HERE

Is Kuvera accredited with the Better Business Bureau? Yes, you can view their BBB profile

How long has Kuvera been in business? Kuvera is a complete rebrand of a 5 year old company. The rebrand and restructuring of the product line was finalized in the spring of 2018.

What are Kuvera's terms of purchase and refund policy? You can read the complete terms of purchase and refund policy HERE

Is Kuvera compliant with international privacy directives? Yes here is their Privacy Policy

What about other policy issues, compliance, etc.? Kuvera has provided THIS PAGE with links to all of their legal documentation.
Crypto Mining
As close as you can get to having a "machine that prints money."
Kuvera's crypto mining packages have raised the bar on an already exploding industry. With data centers in Romania and Iceland, Kuvera can handle all the technical aspects of cryptocurrency mining for you... the ultimate done-for-you mining solution.

Whether you're brand new to the world of crypto-mining or have been involved for years, Kuvera has a mining package for you.
What coins does Kuvera mine? Kuvera offers GPU mining, which has the advantages of being able to mine a variety of coins, and hardware that has value outside of just mining. Their proprietary algorithm determines the best coins to mine at any given time based on difficulty, profitability and other factors. Mined coins are then converted to Ethereum for direct deposit to your coin wallet.

How often does Kuvera deposit Ethereum to my coin wallet? Your mined currency is deposited weekly.

What coin wallet should I use to receive my deposits? You can use any coin wallet that accepts Ethereum. The most common is Coinbase

Does Kuvera mine Bitcoin? Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are mined with ASIC mining computers, which have no other value than mining, specifically. At this time Kuvera does not offer ASIC mining packages.

Do I need technical experience to do crypto mining? No, Kuvera handles ALL of the tech.

How long does it take to start seeing deposits? Your mining equipment will be sourced, installed and operational within 10 business days of cleared payment.

Are Kuvera's crypto mining packages considered a "security"? No, Kuvera does not offer investments. Nor does it pool resources. Every mining package bears one or more serial numbers for the equipment purchased by the customer. Equipment is never fractionalized as is typical with "cloud mining" and other less transparent mining programs.
Where is my mining equipment located? Mining equipment purchased from Kuvera is installed and operated in data centers in Romania and Iceland.

What is the maximum amount of mining I can buy from Kuvera? The maximum order at this time is $5 Million.

What form of payment does Kuvera accept? You can order mining with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or by bank wire.

Do I have to pay additionally for electricity and maintenance? No, Kuvera's mining packages are inclusive.

Are there any other costs? There is a one-time provisioning fee of $99 to set up your mining account. After that you can order as much or as little mining as you like.
Info/Educational Products
Research, Market Analysis and Money Management education that can change your life.
Kuvera's Crypto One and FX One products offer an interactive market experience unlike any other. Additionally, their financial tools can greatly simplify and organize your money-management and accounting.

The videos in this section will give you an overview of what these products can do for your immediate and long-term financial fitness.
Can CryptoOne and FXone teach me how to trade currencies? Yes, Research and Market Analysis Sessions will educate you on a variety of topics. The sessions also feature in-depth chart analysis of the global financial markets.

What are the newsletter trade "alerts"? Newsletter Alerts identify market opportunities. Our experts do the research and analysis, and you decide if you want to take action with the information. With these products you can develop your own skills or simply follow the experts.

Does Kuvera do the trading for me? No, Kuvera never touches your money or your trading account(s). You maintain 100% control.

What does Kuvera's "All In" pack include? The All In pack includes everything in CryptoOne, FXone and their Financial Fitness tools (Equity alerts, Deductr, smartphone app, etc.) for a discounted price. Highly recommended.

What is the Deductr product? Did you know that the self-employed are three times more likely to experience an audit? With Deductr you can eliminate the fear of an audit with bulletproof records and documentation. Stop overpaying your taxes! 80% of all taxpayers pay more than they should! Using Deductr Pro can put an additional $100 to $600 per month back in your pocket!
Opportunity - Bonus Plan
Kuvera distributors can generate a consistent income stream while their crypto mining grows on autopilot.
Whether you've been in business for years or are brand new to the world of entrepreneurship and online business, Kuvera's Bonus Plan can start generating cash-flow for you and your family.

With distributors in more than 80 countries, Kuvera has provided one of the simplest and most lucrative compensation plans in the industry. And with a focus on helping the newest distributors get into profit quickly, along with the tremendous demand for effective financial education and crypto mining, many marketers say they have finally found their home with Kuvera.
What does it cost to become a distributor? Kuvera's online distributor kit and enrollment is $50. This includes your referral links to enroll new customers, back-office functionality and an assortment of company-provided materials.

What is the "Product Credit Bonus?" Distributors and customers can get their subscription paid for by sharing Kuvera's products with others. When you have personally enrolled three people on one of Kuvera's products (like the CryptoOne, FXone or All In Pack) your subscription will be credited back to you each month so long as you have at least three personally enrolled people with active subscriptions.

What is the most I can earn from the Bonus Plan? The Bonus Plan is maximized at $350,000 per month.

How are commissions paid on Crypto Mining packs? In addition to the business volume attributed to each Crypto Mining Pack, a commission is generated and is paid out to the referring customer or distributor. This commission ranges from 6% - 10% depending on qualifications as outlined in the Bonus Plan documentation.

Is training and support provided? Yes, once you get started you will be part of a growing team of entrepreneurs, some of which have earned millions and are happy to share their experience and advise new members.

I'm not good with technology. Will I have to make my own websites? No. A complete marketing system with websites, videos, webinars, emails, lead-generation resources and more is available for all distributors. In fact, this page is a part of it.
Where can I read more about the Bonus Plan? Here is the official Kuvera Bonus Plan document which you can download.

Do I have to be a distributor to purchase Kuvera's info products or crypto mining? No.

Do I have to purchase a product first before becoming a distributor? No

Does product purchased by distributors count as business volume? Yes, a distributor's purchase of products or crypto mining is treated no differently than any other customer.
Other questions and answers about Kuvera...
How quickly can I start earning money as a distributor? Kuvera's Bonus Plan runs on monthly pay cycles. If you start building your business now your first payout can occur on the next pay cycle.

Does Kuvera guarantee any amount of income for its distributors? No, as with any legitimate business results vary by individual and are based on personal drive, work ethic, leadership ability, etc.

How do I get started? Click on any of the "Get Started" buttons on this page and you'll be taken to a page that looks like this...
Select your country and language and then you'll be able to choose your products, mining account provisioning and if you'd like to upgrade to distributor status...
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